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Last update: May 13, 2024


Save this URL or you won't get back to it.


This is a private landing page. We don't have a website. We don't run ads. We don't send emails. We don't promote this publicly. You were referred here by one of our members, using the strategy we teach.

Cool, what's the URL again?

  • Write it down or bookmark it or screenshot it - something!
  • Promise you've done that?

Yep, now, remind me, whaddya do?

Make money with Google. The nerdy term is SEO, which is short for search engine optimization:
    Wait, does that still work?

    Consider the following: A) It's how you got here. B) With everyone chasing the next fad (Amazon FBA, Shopify dropshipping, audiobooks, remote closing, etc.), it's actually gotten less competitive. And C) Gary Vee agrees:
      "There are things that are always working but are not the 'hot thing' at the moment. That's how I feel about SEO. It fucking works. Google is a behemoth." - Gary Vaynerchuk

      What about ChatGPT?

      Amazing tool. Makes life easier. Will it cut into Google's market share? Time will tell. But remember, Google has their own AI they're working on. And right now, for what we do, ChatGPT literally refers you back to Google:
        Doesn't it take forever to rank in Google?

        If you're going after "weight loss," absolutely. That's not what we do. We're competing at the local (city) level. So you're only going up against all the tow truck websites (for example) in Charleston, South Carolina (for example). And almost none of 'em know what they're doing. And we help each other get backlinks and citations in the group (which are like votes for your website). So you'd be surprised. You can set up a brand new 1-5 page website and have it on page one (plus showing up in the Maps section) in a matter of days or weeks with our proven process we've been doing for 7+ years now.

        How much can you make?

        Each project makes $600 per month (or $7,200 per year) on average. That's honestly on the low end but we'd rather underpromise and have you be pleasantly surprised when your first one brings in $1,500/mo, or whatever it is. But since you own the website, it'll make you money for life. If a client stops paying, you just reroute the leads to someone else. All it takes is a few clicks of our handy-dandy software and phone tracking system. Pass these websites on to your kids one day or sell them for a huge multiple. Fun fact: Gary Vee offered to buy my entire portfolio of SEO websites but I said no! The recurring income's too nice. And you can make as many of these puppies as you want. We'll put some case studies below so you can see what's possible.

        Who pays you?

        Small businesses who want more customers. Yes, most of them already have a website. But it's buried back on page 6 of the search results, collecting dust. So they're happy to pay us for emails and phone calls that turn into cold hard cash for their business. And remember, it's not "costing" them anything. It's making them money. One of my sites (for a paver installer) pays me $2,000 per month, but he makes $10,000+ from my leads. For every dollar he pays me, he gets five back. No-brainer.

        How do you get clients?

        Results in advance. Pick the niche, make the site, rank it, get leads coming in, send them some free business. Once they close a few deals, say, "Cool, it's gonna be $1,000 a month to keep 'em coming." Basically, there's no selling. They sell themselves. And if you're too shy or introverted to email or DM or call a business owner to offer them free money, we'll even do it for you. So you never have to leave the house or see any of these people face-to-face (or even talk to them on the phone) unless you want to. Also, you don't have to do this in your own city thanks to the world wide web. Most of my sites are ranked in cities that are thousands of miles away.

        Does it work during a recession?

        If anything, there's more demand during tough times:
          Why this over other models?

          No products, paid ads, platform bans, or people to answer to.

          No business is perfect. What are some downsides to this one?

          One, you're not gonna make money overnight with this. Two, sometimes the business owner doesn't get it. Or they can't handle the extra leads. Or their monthly payment doesn't go through. So you may have to try out a few different people (aka businesses) before you find the right fit. Three, not often, but occasionally you'll have a site that's stubborn, that takes a little longer to rank. All in all though, it's still by far the best way to make money in your jammies. Sure, we're biased. But again, it's how you got here, right? Like Gary Vee said, shit just works.

          Fair enough, but if it's so good... why tell me?

          Because there are millions of niches to go after. And the more awesome people we have in our community, the more we can help one another rank these sites and close deals. And yes, obviously, it's another way to monetize what we know. Like, let's be honest: anyone who says they're selling a course because they "just wanna give back" is sooo full of crap.

          How do I know it'll work for me?

          Watch these:
            What all do I get if I join?

            20+ Hours Of Video Training
            • Step-by-step
            • Granny-proof
            • High-definition
            • Entertaining
            • You'll love learning

            20+ Hours Of Audio Training
            • Each video in MP3 format
            • Easy, on-the-go listening
            • Great for cardio sessions
            • Clear, crisp, enjoyable

            Website Builder
            • Stupid simple to use
            • Point, click, drag, drop
            • Be up and running today
            • Duplicate your site with one click
            • Tweak it for a new city and repeat

            Special Software
            • Get a local number in any city
            • Track every email and call your site gets
            • Automatically forward them to any biz owner
            • You never have to talk to anyone
            • The entire thing runs hands-free
            • Spend your days doing what you love

            Proven Prospecting System
            • Do this in any city
            • Without leaving home
            • Introvert-friendly
            • No selling necessary
            • Just hand out samples, virtually
            • They'll sell themselves
            • Close deals via email, text, phone, or social media
            • Or have us do it for ya

            Custom Calculators
            • Pick the most profitable niches
            • Know exactly what each lead is worth
            • Take the guesswork out of charging clients
            • Scale to desired level of monthly income

            Live Weekly Zoom Sessions
            • Ask questions, get answers
            • Interviews with top earners
            • Learn advanced strategies
            • Stay on the cutting-edge
            • Pairs well with an adult beverage

            Recordings Of Past Zoom Sessions
            • No worries if you can't attend live
            • Binge-watch the archives
            • It's like Netflix for entrepreneurs
            • Truly become an expert

            Private Facebook Group

            • Never feel alone or stuck
            • Everyone has your back
            • We'll help you rank your sites faster
            • Build belief from seeing others' wins
            • Nobody's group is more active than ours

            Live Events
            • Handshakes, hugs
            • Energy, excitement
            • Business breakthroughs
            • Create new friendships
            • Make some memories together

            Free Lifetime Updates
            • Pay us once
            • Profit forever
            • The last program you'll ever buy

            Outsourcing Department
            • Any step, done-for-you
            • Perfect if you're low on time
            • Or you don't like doing something
            • Or if you just flat-out wanna go faster

            How much does all that cost?


            Got any pay plans?

            Yep: $1,750 x 2 or $1,000 x 4.

            Why can't I find any reviews on you guys?

            No ads, no emails - nobody knows about us unless we want 'em to.

            Why's this site so ugly?

            A clean layout is more user-friendly, loads faster, converts better.

            What makes you guys different?

            • We walk the walk.
            • It's how you got here.
            • You know this works.
            • Or you wouldn't be here.
            • No obnoxious ads.
            • No hype or unrealistic income claims.
            • No douchey "look at my Lambo" marketing.
            • No wasting your time with a "free" 90-minute "live" "training."
            • Which is really just a recorded webinar that's all pitch, no value.
            • We didn't ask for your email or phone number.
            • So we don't bombard you with automated follow-up messages.
            • No desperate retargeting ads that stalk you everywhere you go online.
            • We come right out and tell you our price.
            • Hardly anyone else does that.
            • Especially our main competitor, who charges twice as much.
            • No upselling you unrelated products once you're inside.
            • That's unheard of in this space.

            How do I apply?

            Schedule a time to talk to us here.

            Anything else I should know?

            Please leave detailed answers on the next page or we'll cancel your call.
              P.S. We're always leveling up: